[FEATURE REQUEST] Warn when a link in Sequencer is lost

In Sequencer if a level is duplicated or a change made the Sequencer items will become disconnected from the actors (if not spawnable)
In those cases it shows the name in Red so it’s a clue that you need to fix it.
Unfortunately if you have a Path (and sometimes just an Attach to track) there’s no indication that the link is broken. The name disappears but they don’t turn red so it’s easy to overlook the the problem

Hey Scott,

We’ve seen your sequencer improvement feature requests (1, 2, 3, and this thread). We’ve passed them along to the team- thank you for taking the time to write the posts and interacting in the forums :slight_smile:

Thanks. Glad to see a great tool being updated with a few more tweaks for those of us doing production