[Feature Request] Volumes overdraw on top of everything in Geometry Edit mode

I’ve been finding it much more difficult to work with Trigger Volumes and Blocking Volumes and the like in UE4 because they can be really hard to read visually in 3D space when editing their faces. The problem is that all the surfaces draw on top of everything else in the scene regardless if the volume is clipping thru geometry or not. This wasn’t the case in UDK where only the visible parts of the surfaces would get highlighted.

It’s definitely adding significant development time to an otherwise simple task. You either have to select a bunch of items and hide everything else in order to clean up the orthogonal views to see where you are lining up to, or you have to fly around to get the camera planar with the face to estimate where its clipping. The problem there is as soon as you move that face, you’re no longer aligned to it, and holding Shift to move the camera with the object doesn’t work in Geometry Editing mode.

It’s especially bad with rather large volumes, such as blocking out a floor or ceiling. In UDK, you can easily grab that surface and lift it up and down in any view you like… As soon as you pass the geometry it pops into view in a nice pink color. Do the same in UE4 and you have no clue at all where that surface is relative to geometry because it draws on top even if it’s below the surface. I know it’s pointless to compare UDK to UE4 here on this AnswerHub, but I think showing a picture showing the differences would save me a lot of explaining otherwise.

So here’s the same scene in both engines. Note on the left that the face in pink is really easy to read where it clips those yellow pipes. But on the right, that yellow selected face could really be clipping the pipes anywhere. And again, I could swing the camera around to the left a bit to see where its aligned - but as soon as I move that face I’m right back in the same boat being off angle to it. For small stuff like this, it’s sorta manageable but on a large volume that maybe stretches out of view it’s a complete pain in the butt.

So my feature request is to allow the faces to clip static geometry in order to make editing them much faster / easier like in UDK. I can see you are already doing this with the edges and the vertex points, but honestly neither offers much assistance to be honest. Thanks again for creating an amazing game engine!

Bump for this. Is there a Z-Write setting for volumes?

Also want this.

It’s very hard to work with volumes without seeing it’s intersection with environment.

Maybe someone know where I can find it’s material?