Feature request - Viewport window


I would like to request the viewport to be a separate window not dependent on any other windows or tabs.
Right now there is some strange codependency on whether the viewport can be displayed or not.

Viewport must be visible on other monitor like this


Instead once you go into a blueprint the viewport goes away.
Like so


The biggest time killer with this is, when you are working with a blueprint that you need to view in the viewport as you work.
My screens are pretty small and i cannot see much when i am forced to plug my viewport into the main GUI, i need to keep it separate.

This would make for an awesome addition.


Negative. If the person making the video opens a blueprint that floating viewport window will disappear until you go back to the content browser / Level window

You can prevent that by draging the blueprint window making it a separate window instead a tab, but yes, would be nice if viewport doesn’t disappear.

Many people found this particular issue to be troublesome, so in 4.8, the opened windows will open in front of viewport but will not be docked in the Viewport anymore.

Thank You