[Feature Request] Vehicle Interior Editor

Hey everyone,

I am currently working on a small project that requires a vehicle interior editor or something similar.
I am looking at the Bohemia Interactive (ARMA 3 and DayZ Developers) Proprietary engines Vehicle Editor (O2) which I have some past experience with modding Arma 3 with.

As for the actual vehicle Interior editor - I am imagining Something like this just with a more Unreal 4 Centric Way of doing things…

I am guessing something like this could be done with sockets and anim trees for various character states.

Thank you for your time,


It think that might be too specific, engine made for ARMA defiantly will be more centric toward vehicles, thats why they made vehicle editor, but Unreal is made for everything :stuck_out_tongue: I think you will see somebody do plugin like that faster then Epic implementing something like that

I am not saying make a direct copy of the Arma 3 Vehicle Editor. I just posted that as an example, Sorry I should have been more specific on that.

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He is just saying is that something like this is a has very specific use case. Not that it wouldn’t be cool, and useful for other people. This is particularly why UE4 is different from so many engines. They are almost democratizing development priority of UE4. Trying to add stuff that will appeal to the most amount of users as possible. They gave you the entire source so that anyone could create a plugin for such functionality, and with the hope that one day people will put up these special tools up on the marketplace. Also if it become popular enough, and is polished and used, potential pulling it into the main tree (with authors approval of course).

And i’m talking about concept of such editor,i see how it would be prioritized for engine for ARMA, but i don’t see how it would be prioritized for Unreal, which is made to be more universal engine, not just shooter with vehicles or car racer. If anything i could see someone doing plugin like that… besides isn’t this external tool that can generate some file? maybe plug in that imports those files from that editor, or there might be already exporter to FBX which can be imported to Unreal.

Ah fair enough. I see where you are coming from :slight_smile:

Arma (oxygen):
Lod0 = Interior
Lod1 = Exterior
Lod2 = Exterior / lod1

Between lod0/1 - switch animations, meshes, camera, geometry (fire geometry, collision, etc).

Why wouldn’t you be doing setting this stuff up in Max / Maya?

I can imagine, that it is not all about making just static interior, but interactive one. Which might be well, hard to pull of in just DCC app.

But as people said before. It’s to specific feature to be added by Epic. Someone might want to jump on it and create plugin.

I’d imagine it’d largely be a case of setting up your animation properly and haven’t a decent pipeline / plan from the start. You’d naturally still need to do a lot editor side too - but something like this is such an edge case I can’t see it being really used by almost anyone!