[FEATURE REQUEST] - Variable playback speeds on Blueprint Timelines

I really wish that Timelines had a speed multiplier that I could change in real-time. I frequently find that I’d like to play them back at different speeds, without having to duplicate them. Duplicating timelines means that changing the curve on one means I have to re-duplicate all of them.

I would love to see this, finding the right speed for something is such a pain when it involves a bunch of tracks.

This is already possible. Every timeline node also creates an associated component variable in the My Blueprints list. Drag that variable into the graph and you can call things like SetPlayRate on it in order to adjust the playback speed. You can also use this to play/pause/etc… the timeline from anywhere in your graph.

Michael Noland


Ah, thanks so much! That’s a huge help.

Thanks, Michael. That is a very cool and useful feature.

I am trying to create a timeline based Add angular impulse function to my flying character.
I want to add more and more impulse onto the plane depending on how long i hold the key down.
Here my BP.
Any ideas on how i could realize this?

Basically i want the y value of the timeline function to increase, not the time(x) value.
Right now i am looping the timeline function on a steady y value.
This y value should increase upon key strokes.
Therefore the set play rate function in the BP i posted is totally misplaced i think.