[Feature Request] UV buffer in post-process

Hi there. I’m fairly certain this feature doesn’t exist, but if it does, stop me and show me how to do this!

I’d like to request a post-process UV buffer. That would be the scene coloured by the UV coordinates of everything in it in the red and green channels.

This would be beyond useful. Any chance of it happening, or is it possible that it would be simple enough to alter the engine enough to add this buffer in myself?

Hi Antidamage,

Are you looking for something like the image below?


If no, can you provide an example of what you are looking for in this suggestion so we can better understand what you are looking for? Thank you!

Hi Adam! That’s exactly right, except as a post-process buffer, so the entire scene of UV mapping is returned at once. I see other people have asked for it as well for more or less the same reason - mapping a texture to an entire scene during the post-process pass.

I have entered a feature request to be assessed by our development staff. We will this into consideration.

Cool, thank you!