[Feature Request] UTexture2D with D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC

Currently I’ve found a way to update a transient UTexture2D in what appears to be a performant way but the catch is that the entire texture must be updated. I’m relatively sure this is because UE4 doesn’t have a way to create any textures with D3D11_USAGE_DYNAMIC so UpdateSubresource() requires the entire surface to be updated (otherwise visible corruption occurs) in the texture.

I could modify the UE4 source to handle this but it’d be ideal if this was done officially because it defeats the purpose of a plugin if it’s dependent on specific changes to the UE4 source.

I second that.

Yes. That’s really necessary! I can’t work decently with Kinect as the textures updating takes too long to process. Not in every machine, but specially in a Clevo W230sd setup (GTX 960m). The texture updating is about 2fps :frowning:

yeah that problem has long unresolved.

+1 - Ran into this same issue when I was building a comic book reader for VR. Sub-region updates would be really nice.

My advice on this occasion would be modify source, then submit a PR and draw attention to it.