[FEATURE REQUEST] using blueprint elements in Widgets

Dear Epic games,
UE is the best, also thanks for making it free with a small royalty fee.
I’m making a 2D game, and as there is no camera movement, I’m using Widgets.
The issue is that when I was prototyping, I used the scene with the actors and such in it, of course I created a blueprint actor.
It had its properties and whatnot, all was fine. Then I decided to chose in favour of pre-rendered 2D, and then I planned to use widgets so I modify my game logic to be good too. However, the nodes I crafted took the OOP within BP into consideration, right now, I’m making it with my C experience: I have more of these actors, used to be in one actor array, now I have separate arrays for each property which is an ugly solution, but that’s all I have now. It would be nice if one could create BP elements inside a Widget BP. (like I have a ball, that has an image, and has a speed property, an “isAirborne” bool etc).

You shouldn’t use widgets to render your scene. You should set up the camera properly even if you have no camera movement.
Anyways you can create child blueprints using the widgetblueprint as a base class and setup your custom properties.

Look into Paper2d, as you may have better results with that than in UMG. You can also have objects be clickable- just enable the setting in your player controller and override those events in the relevant actors.

You can also have references to in-game actors, however these are references. You’ll have to spawn the actors manually before you can use them in UMG.