[Feature Request] UMG Widget "Unclip Box"

What currently happens:

A widget placed inside a container does not render outside of it and whatever leaves the box is cut off.

What I want to do:

I want to connect certain areas on my UI with lines. Those lines should have full widget functionality. (The math is easy, no problem there.)

The problem:

A widget can easily be inserted in the specified area and rotated+moved to connect both points. However, either the width or height has to be equal to the distance. If one of the points is close to the edge of the parent the widget can cross that edge. Everything crossing that edge is instantly cut off before the rotation is applied (it does not matter which function is called first). => The resulting line is too short.

Proposed solution:

A widget that does not apply any bounds to its children.

I believe this might be easy to do because rotated widgets can already cross bounds (as result of the rotation).

In case this is already possible:

it would be really kind if someone could explain/link a solution. I was unable to find a universal workaround/method.