[FEATURE REQUEST] UMG Designer: Create Binding / Promote to Variable

We’ve had the option to create a binding from the UMG designer for some time, but I’d rather skip creating a new function, and just bind directly to a variable. This means I’ll either create the function then promote the output pin to a variable, or I’ll create the variable and bind it from the designer. In either case, this involves going into the “Graph” tab, then back to the “Designer” tab to bind to the variable.

I’m suggesting when you click the “Bind” combo box, you’ll still see the “Create Binding” (That will create a function), but you also see a “Promote to Variable” option.
This will create the variable, allow you to name it, and bind it to the selected field.

Feel free to contact me if you need more info or clarification, and as always thanks for making Unreal Engine EPIC!