[Feature request] UMG Cooldown

Hey Epic! It would be cool if you will add classic cooldown timer square (that can be a button) in your UMG toolkit. I think a lot of game-with-a-lot-of-skills developers will find this useful.

Just need to keep percentage variable (remaining time/total time) in there, and skill icon, that will be greyed-out when skill is on cooldown. And also it would be really cool, if you can do that square as a clickable button with trigger of what it describes, and maybe some animation when skill is ready.

Thanks in advance!

Way too game specific, UMG gives you the building blocks to make a UI. We can’t provide something that specific, we’d never get the recipe right, and odds are it wouldn’t be extensible enough to let you modify the bits you don’t like without throwing out the whole thing and starting over. If we did it, it would have to be in a sample with dissect-able parts, not something we’d make into a standard control.