[Feature Request/UI tweak] Change blueprint tab icon to a blue instead of green

Been using the editor and the fact that the materials icon and the blueprints icon are very similar has been driving me nuts.
I don’t know if this is possible already through some obscure method, please let me know if it is.

From this:

To This:

Hah, that actually makes sense. Blueprints should be blue :slight_smile:

Or maybe, the tab colors could be synced with the color coding of the icons in the Content Browser.

That would be great, gives the editor a bit more internal consistency.

I agree with the suggestion and with it, would be easier for those who have many tabs open, the icon to identify which type of editor (main editor, bp editor, mat editor, etc), he is accessing, by the color of the icon.

Looks like feature has been added as of 4.2

Oh, nice touch!