[ feature request ] udp and tcp functions exposed to blueprints

Would we be able to get the tcp and udp functions brought out to blueprints so we don’t have to go through the nightmare that is visual studio and the c++ side of things ? , I know there are plugins but they either don’t get maintained or bugs fixed .

May I ask what you would do with UDP and TCP functions? What would they expose and what could you do with them?

sorry for the late reply,

there is plenty of applications for example in my current project i am interacting with a webserver that runs a php script to generate worlds but also store objects users build with in the world (it’s a builder game)

The udp side i have been using a plugin so far which has it’s own issues for things like player position tracking essentially building a crude multiplayer system but in my case at the current stage of progress at the last test we did using a server i wrote in c++
and a crude protocol up to 1000 players can easily be implemented, after that though peer to peer just makes it ridiculous especially when you start getting into distance/scope based systems

peer to peer is a lot harder because nat isn’t exactly consistent across all connections and upnp is a bit of a joke when it comes to actually using it

i am aware unreal has a really good multiplayer replication system however it’s not a one size fits all type of thing and when you want to scale up and run dedicated servers etc,

other really usefull stuff like device integration , i have an accelerometer which i have hooked up to a small wifi chip that send udp packets to unreal and lets me use the data from that to drive inputs etc