[FEATURE REQUEST] TSoftObjectPtr and TSoftClassPtr support for the UFUNCTION meta tag DeterminesOutputType & DynamicOutputParam

Hello is it possible Epic can have UFUNCTIONS that have the meta tag’s: DeterminesOutputType & DynamicOutputParam, support for TSoftObjectPtr and TSoftClassPtr?

This is a quality of life improvement for Blueprint users and frankly if I knew where in the engine to add that support for Reflection to do this, I would do it myself and make a Pull Request(if anybody wants to respond to this question with where, then I would happily do it and link the PR in here for anybody wanting to upvote it). I hope somebody from Epic sees this post and does tell me if they’re gonna do so or at least tell me where in the engine I could do so(and then I’ll make a PR).

Thank you Epic for making Unreal Engine open source and please continue making it better for us devs!

(also noting that I am making this post in the UE5 Early Access forum because for some reason in the feedback forum’s I cannot post in there because it requires an engine tag but no engine tags show up and it won’t let me post because of that)

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I made it worked by editing UE\Engine\Source\Editor\BlueprintGraph\Private\K2Node_CallFunction.cpp

Inside the funciont FDynamicOutputHelper::GetPinClass(UEdGraphPin* Pin) I’ve modified bIsClassOrObjectPin to this:

bool const bIsClassOrObjectPin = (Pin->PinType.PinCategory == UEdGraphSchema_K2::PC_Class || Pin->PinType.PinCategory == UEdGraphSchema_K2::PC_Object || Pin->PinType.PinCategory == UEdGraphSchema_K2::PC_SoftClass || Pin->PinType.PinCategory == UEdGraphSchema_K2::PC_SoftObject);