[FEATURE REQUEST] Treat as Pawn switch for matinee cameras.

There is a problem where Matinee cameras moving through a tiled world do not trigger the levels to load via the distance to player trigger in the layer system. What this means is you get 2 separate results when playing animation via the Matinee Editor vs. Play button in the game editor. it Also means that if you try to record a movie via the matinee editor you record a movie and none of the terrain loads. IMHO this is not the expected behavior but I can understand why you would not want matinee cameras to ALWAYS be treated as a player by the engine. So I suggest a middle ground a toggle for treating it as a pawn and also exposing it to blueprint so that it can be turned on and off.

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Hi James Barnette,

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Hello James Barnette,

I have taken the liberty of entering a feature request for the suggested implementations. Thank you for taking the time to write up an official request for this particular feature, as it provides us with great user feedback for areas of which we can improve. If you have any other suggestions or questions please let us know.


Andrew Hurley