[Feature Request] Tile LODs

Our world is 20km x 20km and has 2k x 2k meter tiles.

It would be awesome to have tile LODs. This would be where you have your usual tile but then a LOD1 and LOD2 that are the same tile but much simplified for view further away.

For example a 2km x 2km tile might have a town in it with buildings, chairs, and other fine details.
As the player gets further away the LOD1 would kick in and unload the tile and load in its place a coarse representation of the town with only empty box buildings. LOD2 might be just a few billboards.

This would have the advantage of not keeping all the actors in memory when not needed. For a large landscape with a city, towns, farms, etc. this could reduce the load on the system drastically while maintaining the apparent far details.

Post feature requests in feedback forums, it’s best place to do so