Feature Request: ThirdPerson Metahuman Character Bluprint

For Unreal Engine

It would be nice to have a blueprint for metahumans like we currently have for a thirdperson character. This way we do not have to go through the retargeting process to get some default character movement and animations.

Second this.

Spent around hours trying to re-target existing UE4 Character animations to the metahuman character. Read the official documentation and anything on else the topic I could find. No success.

The official EPIC guide on retargeting animations to metahumans is out of date (i.e. written for UE 4.26 and refers to a different file naming system) and YouTube videos claiming success used undocumented changes to the skeletal meshes when retargeting which didn’t work for me in UE5. So basically, pretty much a hit and miss affair.

I get the impression though that Epic/Metahumans is expecting developers to use the control rig and sequencer to make new animations for the metahuman character once it has been imported in to UE (rather than retargeting existing animations)? Just my impression from what has been published to date.