Feature request - Spline decals

Hello Epic
I have a request for what I feel is a much-needed feature for Unreal - spline decals. There are many instances where I feel this could be useful - for tyre tracks, road markings like lines (so you can add and change them where needed), erosion marks along gullies on terrain, just basically anywhere you might want long and/or curvy markings where it’d be impossible or too difficult to accomplish with multiple individual decals. I’ve noticed some other engines have similar systems in place so I was wondering if it might ever make its way into Unreal? Unreal’s definitely my favourite engine I’ve used so far so I think it’d be awesome to see it with this functionality.


Thank you,

Good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:




I figured I wouldn’t be the first to ask, but jeez it seems a lot of people are asking for it. It’s definitely something that would be used

It’s been more than three years. Still no hints of this feature coming along. Come on, Epic.