[Feature Request] Speetree importer imporvements

hi, in our project i have to regularly reimport huge amounts of speedtrees, which can be tedious currently
here are my suggestions to improve the situation:

  • automatic sorting of materials and textures into subfolders
  • batch importing without confirming each single tree
  • saving of default import settings
  • reimporting without import dialog, like with all other assets also
  • recognizing of multiple atlas folders selection to batch import all folders at once

best regards

1+ This would surely reduce headaches caused by the painful process of mass importing new and/or updated SpeedTree foliage assets and I like your suggestion to automatically sort the imports into sub-folders, though I feel there should be an importer setting on whether to enable or disable that function or modify the sub-folder structure paths the files will be created in.

thank you, also a lod distance (screen size) multiplier directly in the import dialogue would be perfect. since the lod distances are not patched in the property matrix. and you have to set these manually for every single tree.
or alternatively patch this property for the speedtree actor for that it will be exposed in the property matrix

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your requests. I have entered several feature requests to be considered by the development staff:


Hi [PB]Aphexx,

We are looking more into some of these and found some degree of confusion with some of the terminology used. When you say “Atlas folder”, can you specify what you mean?

Guys, thank you so much!

ah yes. see, when handling copious amounts of trees, the standard speedtree workflow involves compiling the trees (in the speedtree compiler) into different texture atlases
this leaves an atlas folder for each created atlas in the compiled directory.
when the importer would support folder selections to batch import, this would help speeding up the import process.
that’s all.

but another suggestion came to my mind that i forgot in the first post.
Automatic creation of instanced materials at import time.
currently each tree material is a single shader. most of the time these shaders are the same for different trees. only textures are different.
so when the importer could create a master shader and then assign material instances to the trees, this would also be helpful.

thanks again for looking into it! you’re awesome!