[Feature Request] Speed Of Sound

You know how sound is slower than light? For example, you may see an explosion in the distance before you hear it? Another example would be thunder and lightning.

Well I’d think an awesome feature/plugin to have in UE4 would be an automatic simulation of that. The option to include the laws of sound to your project, automatically, and the option to bypass it on certain sounds.

I’d imagine this would be easily done, as I have created a BP doing exactly this, here. However I don’t know how to make plugins so I’d leave it to the devs lmao!

Yeah, we were chatting about the possiblity of something like this in the new audio mixer – would be pretty easy to add a single delay line per source that changes based on the source distance. Could result in realistic doppler effect too. Might hook something like this up on an Epic Friday (we have friday’s every other week where we can do “experimental” fun features). Typically, in games, this isn’t desired but it’s a cool idea, for sure. At least as a toggle-able option in sound sources or at the project level.

Exactly! It can’t hurt because you won’t have to do any super extreme engine re-coding lmao!

I recently made a plugin called “Extra Sound Nodes” and it is now available on the UE marketplace.