[FEATURE REQUEST] Sound Cue Editor - Clip Start Time and End Time with visual waveform

Hey guys,

I was wondering what you thought of this idea, it arose from a problem someone was having with loops. The user had dead air on either side of their sound clips, which can only be removed by manually editing the clip in 3rd party software such as Audacity.

The feature request is simply allowing someone to change the start point and end point of the clip in the wave node, and possibly have a visible waveform to ease the process.

Here is a picture of what Ableton’s Simpler looks like. It has simple dials for start point and end point, with a button for looping. It also has a very visible waveform to make the process easy. We are only concerned with the top left quarter of the image, the rest is fluff


Isnt there a blueprint editor for sounds editing? Or do i not understand

There is, you can do tons of stuff in the sound cue editor…except change the length of the clip haha

Oh i didnt know :smiley: thats such a pitty detail! Maybe Epic should add this function!