[FEATURE REQUEST] Snippet library for blueprints and materials

In both Blueprints and Materials there are a number of groups of nodes or a sub modules used quite a bit. There’s also a number of handy more elaborate node sets.
Right now the options are to build something from scratch node by node or find a full blueprint somewhere else. Something like a macro/function level. Imagine but organized with commonly used snippets that would be available in you local library/popup. Many program test editors have snippet libraries for common structures and for you to add your own.
These would be available so each project would have access.
There’s also rare or less used nodes that requires digging through videos or a number of documents to rebuild.

Not convinced ^ this ^ will work.:stuck_out_tongue: Epic agree the community definitely needs more practical learning projects and examples, as the BP docs are useless. But is only a toy (fine for simple isolated code). Whereas Community-Tools projects offer far more powerful learning by watching code snippets in action.

Think of all the exceptional cases where you need outside data to really show how BP works. Whether its moving / rotating level actors in a unique way or Scene-Capture-Cam tricks or Stencil-Outline techniques along with Material-Param-collections, Curve-Tables, Data-Tables, Post-Process-Per-Camera, Materials & FX, or all the really neat UMG tricks. How can BP snippets capture any of that? Hopefully ‘UE5 Scripting’ offers direct conversion to / from Blueprints tho, as that would be interesting.:wink: