FEATURE REQUEST: Snap to vertex / edge / face functionality

I have a great idea. One that may have become a non-sequitur due to potential issues, but one that is probably worthwhile in the perspective of making scene creation more efficient and user-accessible. And it is…develop an option / set of options to allow snapping of a model’s vertex / edge / face to another model’s vertex / edge / face. It could be constrain-able to be strictly vertex to vertex, edge to edge, and face to face. It could also be constrain-able to specific types of actors to facilitate certain settings affecting only the actor types constrained to…

So, spheres, cubes, cones, etc. is one type (primitives…heh hehhhh, goes well with the current lineup, does it not?)
Skeletal meshes is another type
Getting the idea? Even imports from external sources could be a type.

It’s not like a join function in a 3d modeling program. It’s more like the snap to grid function that currently is somewhat limiting, though essential…not necessary to think I’m trying to remove that…aa ha ha.

It could also be accessible via its own viewport widget, which possesses its own show/hide flag inside the Show button.

It probably wouldn’t even require an introduction, though a tutorial would suffice to reinforce its usefulness and prevent the beleaguering of forum topic space and AnswerHub postings push off.