[Feature Request] Simulate and pause on 1st frame.

I am trying to locate a bug that occurs only at the very start of the game. This graphical bug, if the player clicks on it using a mouse button, will cause other problems in the game but not break it.

I need to find a way on how to simulate the game while also pausing on the first frame.

Can we have the option to pause the game on the first frame after starting the simulation of the game?

Hi asperatology,

If you just need to test, you can probably run a tick ->pause. If you want it to only happen once and then you can undo the pause you can put the pause behind a “Do Once” so it won’t re-activate. Additionally you could do an event begin play and put the pause on this so that it pauses as soon as play begins.


Thank you again for your answer.

I used Set Game Paused node in the blueprint. Just some wiring tricks and all is good.