[Feature Request] Similar Functionality across Mat Editor/Blueprint Editor etc.

I don’t know if these features are already in the works, but I would really like for functionality to be the same for various aspects of Unreal (see below)

  • Dragging off of a pin with an
    existing connection in the Material Editor
    places a connected node in between the two
    previously connected nodes (like it
    does in the Blueprint Editor).

  • Creating a comment box in the Mat Ed
    highlights the text so the comment
    can be modified immediately
    instead of clicked and then

  • In Mat Ed, right-clicking a value
    creates a parameter with the
    default value already assigned.

  • Creating a parameter also highlights
    the name so that it can be
    modified immediately without

  • Various graph editors should use the
    same navigation system
    (right-click vs middle-click).

  • Animation in Persona should use the
    same playback controls as Matinee.

  • I also think that dragging off of a pin, and holding a hotkey, then releasing the mouse to create the connected node would be very useful (i.e. drag off of a pin, hold M, and release mouse to create a connected multiply node).

These are just some changes that I think would add to the overall flow and usability of the engine.