[Feature Request] "Show in Defaults" variable checkbox

After changes in 4.5, variables must have “Editable” (eye icon) turned on in order to access them from another blueprint. It’s perfectly fine that they must be public in this case, but all public variables are also shown on Defaults tab - which causes confussion and mess when we have a bunch of them. I think that Defaults tab should only contain variables that we want to change through this tab.

I know that we can set up categories, but even with that, all public variables that we don’t want to change through this tab, are still visible. It would be great if variables had something like “Show in Defaults” checkbox.

BTW. Great job with UE, can’t wait for 4.7! :slight_smile:
Keep making it Unreal!

This was actually a goof; as of UE 4.7, variables no longer need to be flagged as editable to access them in another BP.

Good to hear this! Another reason to impatiently wait for final 4.7 :slight_smile: