[FEATURE REQUEST] Shift camera for Unreal Studio

Hi, especially for animating an archviz scene, a shift function for the camera is essential. This means you can horizontally or vertically shift the lens of a camera whilst keeping the camera itself at eye level. So for instance, you can show less ground and more of the building while keeping the vertical lines in the visualization intact. In Architecture photography and rendering it is required, please add this feature! Many thanks.

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Hi Rchv, would it be possible to show some example of what exactly you mean eg. Youtube, images, … ?

Thanks for your reply. The priciple of lens shift is shown in this video, especially at 1:40

The point is shifting the camera on a horizontal/vertical axis, while the camera stays in the same position and rotation untouched. In the video this is demonstrated with 3ds max, with cam selected -> Perspective control - Lens shift

I agree that this would be a useful feature! It is also sometimes called tilt-shift. There is a plugin that might help in the meantime (I have not tried the plugin myself)

Hi, Yeah this plugin is there but still this plugin is for Realtime play or game play options not for static images which we need to capture for arch viz or photo realistic renderings. That will be great if we get any possible way to figure out lens shift or vertical shift in Unreal Engine only.