[Feature Request] Shader compiles takes far to long. Defer compile please.

I’m talking about the compiles that occurs with each new engine version so it would be nice to defer the compile and have a “Compile Shaders” feature along the same lines as as build lighting and reflections. It now takes two movies and a 6 pack to wait for a compile for one environment to finish which would be better spent as one does not “need” full eye candy to work on a blueprint

Granted its a job that has to be done but please let the client decide when.

Oh yes, I agree. I hate it that I have to wait for the shaders to compile before I can do anything. It should be an option that I can just click when I decide it’s time for it.

It’s especially a problem if I bought a marketplace asset pack, and I want to use only a few assets from that. But now I have to wait extremely long for the shaders of the WHOLE PACK to compile, just so that I can have a look at the individual assets.

And I can’t just install the asset pack and move the files from the folder into another projects folder, because of all the dependencies…

It should be much faster in 4.22, it looks like Epic heaviy optimized this process.