[Feature Request] Setting Spline Tangents Through Blueprints

Along with the ability to set the location of spline points, I think that the ability to set the tangent of spline points through blueprints would be a good idea.

There is currently no workaround to this limitation of the spline component that I am aware of at the moment, and this does limit the use of splines in an in-game environment quite a lot.

For my purposes, I would use the function to make an in-game editor where the player could place roads, more specifically, curved roads. I have learned how to make great looking roads/paths using splines and spline meshes, and now I hope that maybe I can apply that to my in-game editor sometime!

Hi DrEllisD,

This is already quite possible with blueprints. Check out the Learn Tab example Blueprint Splines Track for detailed information on how to set up splines and spline tangents.

In the video that accompanies that example, he mentions at around 1:31:42 that setting the rotation/tangent of spline points is not yet possible in C++ or blueprints. And so, that is what this feature request is about.

It appears I misunderstood your initial request. You are correct that currently spline tangents cannot be adjusted via blueprints. I have entered a feature request, UE-14752 to be considered by the development staff.

I would also like to have this feature, for runtime generation of procedural maps. Thanks!

Has this been implemented?

Says here it was finished in 4.9 :cool: