[Feature Request] server list in UMG,Steam OSS template,FPS template (more animations)

its very cumbersome to create a server list in UMG,can we have a highly customizable inbuilt server list in UMG ? as server lists are usually similar only with a little difference
and my other request is an Steam OSS template,that creates everything to run any basic template (multiplayer) using steam OSS
say FPS steam OSS or TPS steam OSS which has a menu(host,join,control bindings,settings etc) and should be highly customizable to fit our needs
and my last request is to have more animations for the FPS template like throwing a grenade,reloading assault rifle,holding a pistol etc. etc. (it should atleast support the marketplace contents weapons) so that we can prototype our game faster without having to animate. thanks :slight_smile:

The Steam stuff already works in Tandem with the Blueprint Session nodes. You just need to enable Steam in your project settings / DefaultEngine.ini There is also an existing example of a Server-List based UMG widget in the MultiplayerShootout example on the Learn tab. It’s pretty easy to do.

Also there are