[Feature request] Sequencer - Toggle Lock Viewport to Camera Cuts

We are using Unreal in our company to make an animated show, and Sequencer is our main tool for that.
I use this “Lock/Unlock Viewport to Camera Cuts” button like 200 times a day, but I can’t find any shortcut in the shortcut list that allow me to toggle this option.
That would greatly improve our workflow to be able to toggle this option by shortcut, also from anywhere in the editor (system-wide).


I hope that’ll be possible !

Thank you !


Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have any suggestions for a preferred shortcut?


Hi Max!

What about Alt+V (like View/Viewport) ? It doesn’t seem to be used by default in Level Viewport, Sequencer nor System-Wide.

Thanks !

Looks good. Will do.

Thanks a lot !

Actually, can you try Ctrl-L?

I’m looking at 4.15 code and it looks like it’s already implemented. Let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I downloaded it to test, and it appears to work! Nice !