[Feature Request] Sequencer movie background

I’m trying to use the unreal engine for realtime rendering for vfx and therefore I need to do some compositing with real life footage.
It would be awesome if we could set a video as an background of the the cinematic view or something like that.


We’re looking to incorporate the work we did for the GDC demo in 4.17. This will add a video track to sequencer where you can specify the background image sequence to play.


This is not currently on the roadmap, do you have some updated information about this?

Hi, I also want to put a footage on the background of sequencer. Can I try to use this feature in 4.17 Preview released already?

Thanks It was a quite interesting demo! But, still I couldn’t find the ImagePlate actor in 4.17 Preview ver. Is the proper name of this feature “ImagePlane actor”? Could you let me know how to use it , please.

Yes, there’s an experimental ImagePlate plugin in 4.17 that you can enable and try out. There will be an ImagePlate actor you can add to your level and sequencer, and then an ImagePlate component where you can specify the media/texture.

Do you mind providing a link to that specific demo you spoke of?


There’s no documentation yet for the ImagePlate/video track.

The video track was used for all the background plates in this demo: link text

Here’s a few very brief pointers. There will be more official documentation coming later. Also, remember this is an experimental feature at this point.

  • Enable the Image Plate plugin:

  • Create an Image Plate actor from the content browser and if you want it as the background of your camera, make the image plate actor a child of the camera. It will automatically take the aspect ratio of the camera.

  • Create an Image Plate File Sequence asset.

  • Open the Image Plate File Sequence and set the directory where your images are. They need to be a sequence of images in the form of: image.001.exr, image.002.exr, image.003.exr, etc.


  • Add the Image Plate actor to Sequencer, add the image plate component and set the Image Plate File Sequence. Scrub and you should see the image update.

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Thanks I really appriciate your detailed description of the plugin. I gonna try to use it!

For me it’s not working I see a 0 frame long sequence

The same for me :frowning:

What about the distance of the image plate from the camera? If I want a true background, I would need to set infinite distance?

It would be really useful to get this feature solidified…It is pointless for Epic to tout this as a useful feature at Build events, only to find that it is super buggy and does not work( using version 4.21 Enterprise build) as advertised…A simple simple thing in every other package…a backplate for a camera…