[Feature Request] Sequencer keyable IK/FK animation.

I was wondering if sequencer had plans for direct key frame IK/FK animation per bone in the graph editor or is it just reliant on bringing in external character animation files like matinee? For the smaller indie set ups and filmmaking communities it could be a life saver.

Also FaceFX. Having this editable and propagating to sequencer as you edit it would save a ton of time. I’ve shipped 2 AAA unreal 3 titles before and am looking to go indie.


We do have that plan, but it’s still far out that it’s not clear exactly how much we can support. Our hope is to support very strong feature sets for you to modify bone transform with IKs on. We have a plan to support animation layer, which can be used here as well.

We don’t have FaceFX in UE4. We have a couple of plugin options coming up using morphtarget, or one frame animations.



Sounds promising Lina. Thank you. So this plan will allow people to author animation directly in sequencer from scratch? and would morphtarget be usable within the sequencer interface?

I suppose once we have tool, authoring animation directly shouldn’t also be a big issue, and yes morphtarget should be usable within the sequence interface.