Feature Request - Select multiple variables

It would be great if in the bp editor you could ctrl click & shift+click to select variables like you would expect with a list. Be so handy for deleting, changing variable type, setting categories and attributes. I have been thinking this for years Im surprised I couldn’t find a feature request for this already.

You got to be more specific than that. If you Select Multiple Variables, what do you expect to See in the Details Panel afterwards? The only thing all sorts of Variable Types have in Common is the Category. You can switch Categorys quickly by draging the Variables around aswell as from the dropdown so that is pretty much covered.

Multi Selection for deletion. Yeah thats somewhat doable but how often we do mass deletions? We can ignore undeletable Variables if necessary. Reffereance checks could be done per variable on individual dialogs.

Changing Types: same as above, some Variables cant be changed (Inheritance, Added Components as example) ignoring them again?

Not sure if its worth the effort and adding potential future Bug Source. Needs more solid Benefits if you can come up with anything else that would justify puting Time into Multi Selection?

Switching Categories for many variables is painful. Drag and Drop macros and functions into a category is even impossible!!
So multi-selecting of variables, macros and functions even just for changing the category would be great.
Any news to this problem?

It would be great to move multiple variables. And just show common attributes in Details. Or don’t show anything. I just wanna move attributes in bulk.

UP!! Dear Unreal Engine Developers please add this feature or give me an access to add it.