I often am in project, kitbashing away… placing objects here & there & everywhere - when all of a sudden i’m trying to select (or deselect when I have a bunch of objects) something by CTRL … and VOILA - Low and behold I’ve micro moved my objects… not even noticeable at times unless you catch it.

I’m not going to bash the system - but I dont understand why no one thought of a SELECT mode - where you DONT move/rotate/scale by ctrl+clicking while an object is selected. in fact - why do you even move/rotate/scale an object when you have it selected & holding CTRL - when your not even using the gizmo?

Q = SelectMode
W = Translate
E = Rotate
R = Scale

This is pretty standard in most DCC’s out there - could you guys look at adding this and save some nightmares in designing levels? Thanks!

ctrl + drag is useful to move/rotate/scale because there’s times you’re moving something and the pivot is somewhere else than where you’re focusing.
ctrl + LMB drag operates in the X axis, ctrl + RMB drag operates in the Y axis, and ctrl + LMB + RMB drag operates in the Z axis.
I’d really keep this functionality. maybe make it toggleable in a menu

I’d however competely second the need for a SelectMode. I think I’ve suggested it before as it’s one of the small things I miss from UDK (just like the transform widget, UE4’s is just bad)

so, +1 to Q = SelectMode

Ah :slight_smile:

I remember requesting the same (for similar reasons) a “while” ago…

It seems UE-847 is sunk at the coast of backlogistan …

I may look into it next week. Great idea for a PR :smiley: Though I can’t promise anything, I’m just some coder dude.

Done! I submitted a PR. You are able to change into Select Mode by clicking the(currently missing) icon in the transformation toolbar or by pressing Q. Then simply click on an actor inside the viewport and voila, you can view all details but you cannot move, rotate or scale the actors.

PR link:

Video Demonstration:

Yay :slight_smile: Lets hope it gets merged…

Ill post an update when the PR gets a response! Ofc you can merge the changes yourself if you use source :smiley:

OH yes please!

So its been around a year and a half and its still not merged into the main branch :confused: I bumped the PR so maybe one of the devs notices.

Only 1.5 years? Quite a young PR, why are you rushing them? :smiley:

Dunno Bro, Im quite impatient :stuck_out_tongue: