[Feature Request] Render/Bake to simple material

We all had these materials with 200+ instructions , making 2 or 3 stupid textures look amazing in the final product. BUT 200+ commands is quite expensive to run in real time.
So as there is an option to bake/render cube map there should be a option to Bake/Render to simple material

It will produce as many textures as there are material inputs. (if you have a normal map and a fancy roughness command it will bake them down to 2 maps)
It can also combine multiple textures into 1 (AO ,roughness …)

This will make it possible to get very good looking assets on weaker machines ( older PC , smartphones, tablets… smartwatches :stuck_out_tongue: )

Of course not all materials won’t work with it ( those that change in run-time or those that just rotate around) But a lot of cool materials will work with it.

So this is my Idea I will be really happy to see it realized

Thanks and have a great day!