[Feature Request] Record movie from .upk

To clarify, I want my players to wander around an environment and the game will trace and save their path. Then they will be able to click a ‘render’ button and a camera will follow the path they created and render out a full quality version of their walk through. This works perfect in the editor. But I need it to work in the final shipped product. (I realize that the video will be huge and am working on a separate solution for that.)

Please let me know if this is already possible some way. If not it would be amazing to have access to those functions from in-game.

If they don’t add it I think it would be possible to do with what the engine already supports–you’d just have to figure out the same commands

Arent we supposed to have a feature like that in 4.6? It was mentioned in the last stream i think.

I thought that too. A “demorec” command. But that records actions as if networked, and can replay them then if I understood right, it does not record a video.

I tried to use the console commands like ‘BENCHMARK and DUMPMOVIE’ but they didn’t work from the launched .upk, Though they are very useful in the editor.

I missed a lot of the last stream. So I hope what you are saying is true.

Hmm, so that would be like replaying the highlights in a game like Halo or Madden. Where you can watch the replays from any angle because it just tracks the information of the game. Right?

That’s what I understood. I think the guy talking was enlighted by the idea that he could play back in slow motion. Playing it and rendering the scene with another camera would probably be trivial.

Yea, It is the rendering to video that is the entire issue i’m having.

That would be ‘dumpmovie’, don’t know if it works. Good. Or will work with the new command.

Yea, It works just fine in the editor. Just not from a packaged game. Unless I just got something going wrong.