[FEATURE REQUEST] Rebind axis action input keys in blueprint, getInputAction/AxisKeyByName, etc?

There needs to be a way for us to make an in game options menu that let’s the player rebind their keys.

  • getInputAxisKeyByName
  • setInputAxisKeyByName
  • getInputActionKeyByName
  • setInputActionKeyByName
  • getInputAxisKeysByName (Array)
  • setInputAxisKeysByName (Array)
  • getInputActionKeysByName (Array)
  • setInputActionKeysByName (Array)

Example of use: isInputKeyDown(getInputActionKeyByName)

I don’t know, something like that which works in blueprints?

***How do the Unreal Engine developers currently expect us to allow the player to re-bind their hotkeys at run time? *** This seems like a pretty huge deal.


Hello stream :slight_smile:

In case you are interested, I am working on a plugin for the marketplace that has a few nodes which let you get axis/action keys (array) by Name, Key, Scale, Modifier Keys, etc, along with letting you rebind them, all combined into just 4 nodes. If I want to get all axis/action keys with the name ‘Hi’, I can do that. If I want to get all keys that are named ‘Hi’ and use the the keys ‘Alt + F’, I can do that, if I want to get all game-pad keys with a scale of 4.613, I can do that. The plugin also comes with a demo controls menu (not yet released). My plugin will hopefully be on the marketplace before 4.11, so if this is something you are interested in, please let me know on my thread: Key Rebinding Plugin w/ Controls menu included [Video] - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

For the record, it’s not as simple as them making a node for ‘GetInputAxisKeyByName’, as there is A LOT more that goes into input rebinding.

I was on his twitch stream when he posted this thread… it’s not about a need for another plugin, it’s about putting some basic functionality into BP’s that should be there, as part of the engine.

This exactly.

I’m curious how the UE4 devs are currently expecting us to allow players of the game to rebind their hotkeys. What is the current official UE4 solution for this?

What is the current official UE4 way of building a system that lets the player rebind their hotkeys?

apparently Epic doesn’t pay attention to this forum.

Well, Epic isn’t at work on the weekends. Plus this is something that seems like it is really reaching as far as support in blueprints goes.

Adding some nodes in blueprints that expose some of the C++ stuff is reaching? WTH is the point of blueprints at all then?

Blueprints work well alongside C++, but you can’t expect every little thing to be exposed to them. Once everything is exposed to blueprints, what’s the point of using C++ (I know that sounded dumb, but don’t I have a point?)? I’m sure a big reason that they aren’t exposing a ton of this stuff is that they have higher priorities, which honestly I am excited for (Optimizations, BUG FIXES, etc.). Bug fixes is a big one, I have game-breaking bugs from back in 4.8 that still aren’t fixed.

Yes, the next 10 releases of UE4 should be bug fixes… for it appears there are loads of them. As for why expose more the BP, because for the most part, one does not NEED C++ to make a game with UE4, and why force people to do so? Rebinding keys, creating and read/writing to ini files, these are basic things, not game specific things… thus should be part of the base of BP’s, in my opinion. Now if you want specific stuff that requires more C++ coding… then no. But items common among most games, should be pretty standard.


There shouldn’t be advertisements that say “Make Games with Unreal without coding” then.

There are many things that are exposed to blueprints as network yet no input binding etc sounds abit odd. :stuck_out_tongue:

The thing is, there are people who would still use C++ even literally everything was doable via BPs. So it’s not bad to expose almost everything.

Hi guys, did they add this feature yet? Anyway to rebind hotkeys during runtime?