Feature Request: README.txt and other text files in content browser.

Hi, I’d like to create README.txt files for my teammates, to document how to use assets, and where to put/format files.

Markdown styling would be a plus, but is non-essential.

An alternative would be a link to a wiki website.

The important thing is an asset that says README that opens documentation to help teammates working inside the editor.

Am I missing some other way to accomplish this? How does your team do this?

Thank you,



Hey there. I know this is late, but i just ran into the same thing. and found a solution.

While, yes, a website with its documentation would be great, i would like to leave instructions for our level designers on how to use the systems i create wherever possible. Thus i would like to create a simple text asset and chuck it into the content browser.

Then i remembered, that a simple text asset was literally the sample for one of the first ue4 guides i read - creating your own text assets. Ill leave a link for anyone thats interested.