[FEATURE REQUEST] Re-Triggerable Delay should have this option / checkbox

The re-triggerable delay node automatically resets the delay if the node is called again during the delay counting down. It would be great if there was a checkbox “reset delay if called during prior to delay end” or something to that nature.


You can make it by simple macro with re-triggerable delay and local bool within.

I’m not sure how to set this up. Would it be possible to show me what you’re describing?

Thank you!

tbUcG.png http://puu.sh/tbUaR.png
First time this node called, it trigger delay and until delay finished, every call into it would lead to “Not Completed”, when delay expires, it execute completed and all start over again.
I use this kind of thing to gate player from sending too many messages to server with inputs if something happens with an input device.

Thanks so much, I’m going to try this tomorrow. I really appreciate your help with this!