[FEATURE REQUEST] RE-TARGET ALL REFERENCES TO X TO Y (and put allow commas in numerical fields!!)

I have an issue right now, where the parent class I use for the player, enemies, etc is a blueprint with a Static Mesh (Ball) as its root. If I want to change that Root to say a Destructible Mesh, there is no easy way to “swap” them out. If I replace the Static as root with the Destructible, the Static is just made a child and everything it referenced still references it… when I really want everything that referenced the static to now reference the new root, the destructible. And since Unreal is an amazing engine that realizes anytime I rename something, I can’t even trick it by renaming it “Ball”. I’ve worked in other editors that allow you to reclass objects as others, so you don’t lose the references and what not but are still flexible… would be a great feature!

Also, for those of us working on physics based games, can you please add commas to numerical fields?