[Feature Request] Re-orient meshes once imported into UE4

I have two weapon meshes, one from the shooter game and one from the sci fi weapons pack. One is oriented towards the Y axis, the other towards the X axis. Without adding another component to my blueprint, I cannot fix these weapons to both face the same axis (unless I export them, import into Maya/3ds, re-orient, and export, and re-import them). I should most certainly be able to do this within the engine itself.





+100 to be able to set a desired transform in the import settings would be very useful

Im not so sure if that is so easy…
Because meshes are also imported with their pivots at world origin and from reading between the lines of some Epic staff posts, modifying the pivot on import is not that easy either.
For some reason, changing coordinate values (which a rotation would also imply for the vertices), is more difficult then the amateur would suspect…

We tried really hard to get this in for 4.5, but ran into a lot more problems than expected getting it to work properly for animations etc. I believe there is an option to scale on import though, and a full transform should be in 4.6.

Just want to say you guys are awesome! I went to add a few Blueprint functions to the editor as I was annoyed at not having them (e.g. degrees to radians) and saw they were already in 4.5. You guys are moving fast!