[Feature Request] Random Sequence Player Loop Tickbox

As the title suggests, Random Sequence Player should have an option to “Not Loop” it’s elements once one of them completes.

As it is, Random Sequence Player will randomly choose one of it’s options and when that animation ends, it will go ahead and choose another one (or loop the same animation if min/max loop count is set to something). But it will not just choose one of the options and stop completely once that finishes.

To work around this, I’ve thought about using the “blend poses by int” node or the select node, but both require a random integer to work ‘randomly’ and Random Integer node isn’t Thread safe.

To work around this, I created a variable inside the anim bp, set it to some random value on Begin Play and use that as the select node input.
And every time I change the number of random animations, I must manually adjust the random integer max value.

None of this is hard work, but if Random Sequence Player had an option to loop or not loop, like almost every other sequence player, it would be more convenient and add more functionality.

I was looking for that too, i ended up developing my own node for it, if you have a c++ project i can give you the code :slight_smile:

Do you still have the node? I’d really like to use this!

Here are the files :

there is no tick box, it simply a version that doesn’t loop.

It’s code from engine, with some modifications so it doesn’t loop. ( not sure if i’m allowed to share them here ? )

3 things you need to take care of :
replace DPGPLUGIN_API by your own module name
replace the PCH include with you own
you should but the edior part in an editor module or use the #with_editor macro, else you won’t be able to package it