[FEATURE REQUEST] Plugin Hierarchies

I’m not sure if this is already something do-able, but from what I could tell, people can’t create tiers within the plugins they make. It’s an all-or-nothing thing. If I create a CombatMechanics plugin that contains classes for targeting / skill information / stat information / etc., shouldn’t I be able to sub-folder each of the component parts of the plugin so that the user only includes what they need, but still allow them to include the whole group if desired?

In case anyone randomly comes across this, I realized how to do this finally. You just access the .uplugin file, and under Description where you might have “Developer” or what-have-you, you can add dots(.) to imply a hierarchical structure, i.e. “Developer.Math” will create a new listing underneath Developer for Math in the tree displayed in the Editor Plugin UI.