[Feature Request] please add drop down list to socket names(all sockets slots in UE4)

Hi, can you please add drop down list of all available sockets slots name for any object(skeletal mesh, sprite, static mesh). for example i have character skeletal mesh and i create 5 sockets on this mesh with names “name1 name2 name3 name4 name5” and when later i set my blueprint and do something with this sockets i totally forgot this names so i must always go back to persona to see them, or if i set wrong name socket…

So be a nice have this feature

PS sorry for bad English

I totally agree that would great to have! Sadly it is very hard to implement in practice, because the BP editor isn’t really able to work out what actual mesh is being dealt with while you are authoring it. There could be other bits of logic that are changing the mesh on the fly, or choosing between different meshes for example.
Here is something I put togather.

It’s probabaly not as expansive or advanced as OP would want, but it still 100x better than typing socket names manually (imo).
It works only with skeletal meshes, and it will show sockets from all skeletal meshes (which have sockets), you happen to have in your project.

thx for reply guys, but what i must do to add this to my engine? i am noob here)))) work only with blueprint staff for now(((

It’s under review. If it will pass I gues it might make into 4.8.