Feature Request: OSC freq

Would love to be able to set pitch via Freq in Hz instead of MIDI note number. This will allow for building dynamic additive synths.

Hi Evan!

We’ve been playing around with loading up a bunch of music and MIDI related functions into a Music Utilities plugin or maybe the current Sound Utilities plugin. There are some basic functions in the dsp.h file, which you can wrap in a BP function library–but it’s also pretty easy to set up a function like this in BP:

You can use this to translate the desired frequency into a MIDI pitch value for the OSC.

Very eager to try out more functions and modules in BPs! Staggering amount of possibilities and power in the ability to generate and weave sound inside everything. Having a blast so far!

@dan.reynolds Thank for this and the fast response!

I would encourage you to attempt to write an additive synthesizer directly in C++ using the USynthComponent base class. Using this synth for additive synthesis is probably not the best idea as you’ll need a large number of subtractive synths and each synth has a number of voices, so it can get expensive quickly.

Great, thanks for the info. Have just been feeling out options and getting an idea for scope of what is possible.