Feature request or bug - Visualizing wires on collapsed graphs


Im not sure if this is a bug so i will add it as a feature request.
Can we please have the ability to see the execution happening when there are collapsed nodes.


You have to open the nodes individually to see if anything inside is firing.
The workaround i am currently using is adding a print string node to visualize it as anything connected to a collapsed graph does not display.

For example. The only part that gives an indication if something is happening is the little yellow line i highlighted.

That being said. Something that touches on this is a feature request.
Having collapsed nodes display if something is happening inside of it.
Like a pulsating yellow outline of sorts around the collapsed graph. I like to keep my work clean and organized. Opening a massive blueprint is overwhelming so i order my sections into collapsed graphs.
Here is an example of what would really be a great addition to the interface of UE4


Hi Crocopede,

This is a known bug under the bug report UE-7709. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe of when a fix will be made available.

Ahh ok cool. I thought i saw it working in earlier versions but then i thought i’m just crazy :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the response.