[Feature Request] Option to turn off wind in Apex Cloth

I started working on the new experimental clothing tool for my game. I have two apex cloth assets in my level. One is a piece of cloth on the playable character mesh, and the other is a flag.

Now I want the flag to respond to the WindDirectionalSource, but not the character. I realized that there was no specific way of doing it. The only question I could find regarding my problem was this one. I did manage to find a workaround which I have posted as an answer to the above question but it’s not very viable because it requires changing the engine code.


Open ClothingAsset.h and scroll to the EClothingWindMethod (Line: 263). You can create a new enum value called ‘None’. Compile the engine and open the skeletal mesh editor. In the cloth config properties of the Apex asset, there’ll now be an option to select ‘None’ in the Wind Method drop-down,

Explaination of why this works:

Wind computation is being done in ClothingSimulationNV.cpp in its UpdateWind function (Line: 1253) using switch case. Any other enum value other than ‘Legacy’ or ‘Accurate’ is going to go to the default case, and no computation will be done.


This does the trick to some extent but I would still like to disable wind on cloth meshes on a per-instance basis in my level maybe through a boolean provided in the SkeletalMeshComponent.