[FEATURE REQUEST] Option to see full raw shot even after added to a Level Sequence.

Currently if you create a Level Sequence to hold a long Animation, Camera or recorded take- ‘shot’ and then add this shot to another Level Sequence for cutting a full scene with multiple shots - it’s now impossible to see the original full shot. Bringing up that shot again to check action or see if there’s a better piece or simply reviewing is not possible. The cut you made in your master shows even when playing back the original shot and the originally shot is only shown for the frames you cut in. You have to go back to the master cut sequence of shots and change in and outs there to see the rest of the shot. It can be nice to occasionally see a reference but if you’re trying out ideas or experimenting with the cut it’s frustrating, especially in muticam type shots. When editing video in any video the original clip is still viewable in it’s original form even if you had cut just a piece into a sequence.

Other sequencer notes- More video edit controls such as rolling trim, etc.
Its very easy to have a reference of a reference in a clip. Duplicating the originals are still referenced so it becomes very easy to modify something without realizing you just broke another shot.
Even duplicating a sequence and deleting it can cause other damage. Even with the lock things can change and changing the top level sequence ends up rippling and resaving all references for some reason.