[Feature Request] Open modeling software from within the editor

Hi. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and thought it would be super awesome if there was a button to access modeling software like they have in Unity such as Blender, Max, Maya, Cinema 4D and so on from within the editor rightclicking on a mesh when you need to quickly edit / change something.

And then maybe open Photoshop, GIMP etc when rightclicking on textures.

There could be someting similar to the “User Preferences” in Blender that lets you choose what painting software you use. Instead you’d be able to choose what modeling and painting software you use so when you rightclick on something it then lets you to choose between paint.net or Maya if you chose them to be your main softwares.

Better that all the software should work independently . I have been using unity. no hard thoughts man but I don’t find their interface as interactive .Well modelling should be where it is and engine should be where it should be .I mean no intention of evaluating U . I am just putting my point out . Hope U don’t take it negatively.

I think you are mistaken on what I mean. If not, I’m sorry but what I want to see in the editor is something that works like a shortcut from the editor itself to open the software. It would speed up development a notch and give quick access.